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A vibrant visual identity for a gamer-oriented digital angency.

In 2022 the Swedish e-commerce agency once known as Dahlquist became CO-OP and started a rebranding process. The company wanted a visual look that could stand out from the rest of the digital agencies, and asked me to design a retro-gaming inspired brand identity.

The logo and the website that resulted from the collaboration dig deep into the synthwave aesthetics, and try to find an alternative to the traditional corporate look.

As visual design consultant, I was in charge of the art direction of the rebranding, the design of the logo and the website.

The logo

Some of the elements used in the logo (the horizontal lines, the grainy pink gradient) were inspired by famous 80's sci-fi movie titles (Tron, Blade Runner), while the colors for the new visual identity (Flamingo Pink and Cream White) were chosen to create a bridge between the retro neon aesthetic and a more traditionally professional look.

Logo applications

I created two versions of the logo: a large one (both in color and b/w) and a smaller one, drawn without the finer details and designed for use in narrow spaces.

The smaller logo can be placed inside retro-looking hardware (like the original Apple Macintosh) to emphasize the brand's connection to vintage computing and gamer culture.


The visual identity I developed for the brand was translated into a newly designed website, that could make the agency's main services and portfolio of projects stand out from the hundreds of competitors.

The website was designed both for desktop and for mobile platforms.